New Water Accounts:

If you've recently purchased or built a new home or business in Menno, please stop by the Finance Office at 236 S. 5th Street in Menno to open an account.  This must be done before water/sewer/garbage services may begin.  The form that you will need to complete before service may be started is attached below.

A $150 deposit is required to open a new account. You will need to provide your driver’s license and Social Security card as a copy will be kept in the Finance Office files.  The deposit will be refunded to homeowners after one year of on-time payments (NO late fees) and refunded to renters after three (3) years of on-time payments (NO late fees) OR after the account has been closed and payment in full is made on the account.  Any person having previously held a water account in Menno and having left the account in default or without notice of vacating the account will be subject to a $200 deposit to the City if a subsequent account is to be opened.

If the water is currently OFF at the residence, there is a $75 charge to turn the water on. A $75 charge is assessed if the water is to be turned off at the curb.  If the water needs to be turned off due to construction/repair being done at the residence or business, the $75 fee is waived.  During the time the water is turned off, there are no minimum utilities due.